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The fast changes of the business environment and the increasing complexity of the company activities requires a continuous adjustment, which often raises problems to the human decider. The computer systems applied in business were created as a solution to this challenge, due to their ability to process large volumes of data and aggregated information in order to optimize and get efficiency to the processes. Thus, nowadays, the computer systems are applied successfully in the field of production planning, in the management of customers and suppliers (or acquisitions and sales), in inventory management, human resources management, or in financial and accounts management and so on.

The desideratum of resources optimization represents a major objective of any manager of an organization. Because computer systems play an important role in achieving this objective, their choice and implementation is an acute necessity. The choice of a proper computer system is not an easy task for a decider. One reason could be the present market development of computer systems applied in business. Many specialists of the domain consider this market as powerful and mature. The big number of the Romanian market players determines a big number of computerized products, with various properties that must be adapted to the requirements of the certain business. We can tell that a human decider get at hand a large set of alternatives given by every computer system and an impressive number of analysis criteria for every alternative. His target is choosing one solution from the available alternatives so that the requirements of his business fit the properties of the chosen computer system. Unfortunately, the contemporary practice proves that the choice of a computer system applied in business is mainly based on subjective and non optimum reasons.

On the other hand, in our society, Internet has become a powerful way for disseminating every data and information, at a local or global level, at a microeconomic or macroeconomic level. We assist to a transformation of contemporary society, both economic and social point of view, where electronic communication acquires a substantial role. The presence in virtual space named Internet becomes a necessity, allowing firms to become competitive in a competitional environment. The transformation mentioned above can be customized at the high education level, as an essential component of our modern society. We can talk about a strong competition at this level because there are many universities in worldwide with many academic programs. Online education, arising from the development of IT&C, is a new opportunity offered to academic members. This way of learning does not exclude classical education but complements it, adding to real resources virtual resources.


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